President’s Message


President’s Message




Exceeding all expectations. What a difference a year makes… 






I want to thank the “United Nations” of surgeons from around the globe who joined me on our trek to Zambia this year. Without the dedication and expertise of these eight steadfast volunteers, the mission wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. We provided eye care to more than 1,000 people and restored vision to more than 200! As we worked and laughed together, one thing became abundantly clear ­ the global nature of eye problems and how the human spirit is much the same everywhere.

My deepest gratitude goes out to all the companies and individuals whose generous donations continue to make such a tremendous difference in many patients’ lives. Their donations have done much to support our mission! We sincerely hope they will continue to help us achieve our goals for years to come. More than ever, I am convinced that for maximum impact, volunteer surgeons need to work with the equipment they use in America and Europe ­ and that as we make the equipment readily available on all our missions, more and more surgeons will volunteer. At this time last year, we had just started our mission to Africa and were in Zambia conducting an eye camp. We helped hundreds of patients and set our sights on helping more people in more parts of the world. And we had plans to add a Cataract Prevention Campaign. This year, our Cataract Prevention Campaign is a reality, and I’m happy to report it has been well received so far. As we move toward 2001, I look forward to another successful year and a busy one. We’ve added missions to Central and South America, Mexico, and Asia, and we’re also expanding our program in the U.S.A. I look forward to the day when all eye disease becomes treatable, but for now, I’m thankful we help as many people as we do.


Antonio M. Sims, MD, FAAO


Thank you for all your support

We wish to express our deep appreciation to all the people and corporations who continue to help us through donations of time, effort, and supplies. These include:

  • Alcon
  • Allergan
  • Ciba Vision
  • Mentor
  • Ethicon
  • Bausch and Lomb
  • Beckon-Dickenson-Visitec
  •  Interfaith Medical Assistance
  • Bronx Eye Institute
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Anthony Courtney
  • Ms. Olive Henry
  • Dr. Ben Zane Cohen
  • Gifts In Kind International
  • Dr. Luis Arevalo Arevalo
  • Dr. Annette D’Souza
  • Dr. Alfredo Amigó Rodríguez & his wife Mercedes Frances Pons
  • Mr. Samuel Ezekwo
  • Dr. Mercedes Santana
  • All the wonderful staff at Oshakati General Hospital
  • Dr. Jose Maria Mugica & his wife Dr. Maria Eugenia Nano
  • Dr. Jack Kabak & Mrs.Geraldine Kabak
  • Dr. Paul Casey (Major USAF)
  • Sergeant Michael Callahan III (USAF)
  • Ms. Barbara Lund & Community Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

To volunteer your services or supplies, please contact us at (718) 721-0421, or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. We would love for you to join us on an upcoming mission!


A sign of the times:


Hundreds of pre-owned eyeglasses and ophthalmology equipment gathered as a result of simple signs and word of mouth

       If you want to contribute to our cause, but don’t know how to get started, take a tip from one California man. By placing simple, handwritten signs around his workplace, he was able to collect over 100 pairs of eyeglasses from coworkers! But the story doesn’t end there. This man also expressed his need for used eyewear and ophthalmology equipment to his synagogue. The word spread as fellow worshipers gathered glasses from their coworkers, families, and friends until they had collected over 500 pairs of eyeglasses! The donation effort shows no sign of slowing.
Another man, an optometrist who heard about our mission, turned what could have been total loss into charitable profit when he donated a slit-lamp and a large number of frames and glasses cases to us after an unfortunate flood in his office. Still in very usable condition, he found he could no longer sell these items due to almost invisible flood damage. We, however, can’t see any damage and thank him for his innovative thinking and generosity! We send a warm thank-you to all those who donated their used eyeglasses and equipment to us and want you to know these items are always put to very good use!